Speakers, Yoga, T’ai chi, Sound Bath, Meditation and Mantra Sessions for 2019

Thank you to last year’s speakers.

Yoga, Pilates, Sound Bath, Tai chi and meditation sessions will take place in Harbour 1 and the Bay View Lounge, that have stunning views over the sea.The speakers will be in the Promenade Bar.

Rehana Sara Jomeen. Save Movement UK: Beyond the Vigil

The Save Movement in the UK has grown to more than 70 groups in just three years, joining a network of 650 worldwide. Learn about our origins in Toronto and the astounding growth that followed, to the work now underway to transform SMUK into a cohesive animal rights organisation.

Rehana’s journey into activism began when she covered one of the first Manchester Pig Save vigils in February 2016 for her YouTube channel, through which she explores veganism, animal rights and conscious, zero waste living. Three years, one baby and countless vigils later, Rehana now works to support new Animal and Climate Save groups as they start up across the UK.

Sangat Joti Kaur(Kate) : Kundalini Yoga


I discovered Kundalini yoga by accident at a difficult period in my life.  I had practiced Hatha yoga off and on since a teenager but the transforming and healing experience of Kundalini yoga was life changing.

Jane Antcliff-Wilson : Bearing Witness Sentient Horse to Vegan Activist

Jane is a vegan animals rights activist and vegan author. Her controversial book ‘Barefoot Bitless and Whipless’ has been inspirational in leading people to veganism all over the world.

The talk also covers animals rights, animal activism from an abolitionist stance and her new book Bearing Witness which is from the animal’s perspective within the dark world of the slaughter house and factory farming.

Josh Milburn, Vegan Society

Puzzling through the ethics of eating with The Vegan Society

Dr Josh Milburn, Associate Lecturer at the University of York and member of The Vegan Society’s Research Advisory Committee

This short talk will introduce listeners to the Vegan Society, and, in particular, the lead it is taking in vegan-related research. Josh will then introduce some details of his own research on the the ethics of eating. It is the job of philosophers to ask (and try to answer) the difficult questions, and Josh is a philosopher (and vegan!) who asks some of the difficult questions that cause divisions in the vegan community. For example, is it unethical to eat the eggs of backyard chickens? Or is it OK to feed companion animals meat? And how should we feel about in vitro meat?

Mary Elliott – Mindfulness and the Native American dance of life

Mary is a committed vegan and is the proud owner of planetwise vegan shop and yoga studio in Bridlington. Mary is a hatha yoga teacher (British wheel trained) and has practiced many forms of meditation over the years. University of the third age (U3A) have recently set up a mindfulness group which meets at planetwise on a Wednesday at 9.30 and they have agreed to bring their session to our festival and invite everyone to join in.

Mary will also teach the Native American dance of life which is a moving meditation. All ages are welcome to this session, children can enjoy it too. It works on the four directions also the earth and sky to work with our emotions, ask for guidance and enjoy the moment.

Luke Marsh – Sadhana Forest

Sadhana Forest is a Vegan eco community and conscious living project in India, Haiti and Kenya. The organisation works on indigenous reforestation and providing long term food security, while following a number of core values based around compassion, integrating our Animal sanctuary and Vegan values in our daily lives.


George Martin : ‘Carnism Debunked workshop’

Whether you’re a vegan who is not sure of how to answer a certain question or argument, or whether you are not yet vegan and want to ask questions about veganism and the ethics of animal use, this workshop is here to help.

Experienced animal rights activist George Martin will use his knowledge to answer any questions or arguments relating to veganism and animal rights you throw at him, and ensure others present can have their input into the discussion as well.

So come along and prepare to hear Carnism thoroughly DEBUNKED!

Children’s Yoga with Uttampreet Kaur

I am Uttampreet Kaur (aka Nicolene Scarr) and I teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Starchild Yoga to children and adults in the Yorkshire Dales.

Our children’s session will enhance strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. We’ll encourage healthy body awareness, and get ourselves moving in a fun and playful manner. There’s also plenty of opportunity to build social skills – communicating kindly and showing respect for peers as we speak and listen.

Our adventure may take us to far flung places (or just around the corner) but as we explore the natural world we’ll allow our curiosity to flourish and our horizons to expand.

Jos Pilates

Why Pilates?

  • To make muscles stronger
  • Improve quality of movement and posture
  • gives mental relaxation
  • improves breathing
  • fun way to get fit

Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk, Sound Bath  🎶

Healing with sound originated in India centuries ago. A Sound Bath is both a deeply personal practice and a group experience. Live sounds create a sense of immediacy and focus.  As you experience the Crystal and Himalayan bowls, the Gong and Quartz Tuners, and the Koshi and Zephyr chimes, your awareness shifts inward to the centre of your being.  As your body intuitively responds to these sounds, you become deeply relaxed, and your senses turn away from the external environment. Your awareness then spontaneously enters the meditative state and allows you to connect deeply with your inner world. Enjoy!

As a Sound Healing Practitioner, I see myself not only as a professional musician but also as a spiritual channel.  The sounds which emerge spontaneously and intuitively are from the heart and beyond what I can name.  These sounds have a special energy, and my playing becomes my sadhana – my spiritual practice.

Esme Yoga

Esme is an RYS 200 Yoga Alliance trained Yoga Practitioner, offering Yoga classes in Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Nidra and iRest Yoga Nidra ( for PTSD, stress, anxiety and other life changing symptoms).

Luvasana Yoga

The class will have a gently approach focusing on classic yoga postures with an element  of flow. Aiming to bring in a little strength, flexibility,  balance and awareness through synchronising breathe to movement. The yoga taster will be suitable for both beginners and those who already have a practice”.

T’ai Chi and Qigong with Steve Left.

Steve has been practising T’ai chi and Qigong for over 20 years. For the past 8 years he’s been training at Wuji which was founded by Glen Jenkins.

“At Wuji we are dedicated to teaching the art of T’ai Chi and Qigong, and offer authentic internal arts practice for health.”

He teaches Yang style T’ai Chi and Qigong and his ideology is to teach so that students can achieve a full understanding of the fundamental skills to acquire a genuine practice.

The main focus is Qigong – which as an exercise deeply relaxes and reduces the effects of stress and tension inside the body to improve overall health and well-being.

The program is suitable for practitioners for all levels.



Mantra Transmission and Meditation Circle a Powerful Experience of Meditation for Advanced Meditators, Yogi’s, Practitioners and Beginners.

In this method we create a small and intimate circle who sing the mantras. Then we place those intended in the centre of the circle. We create a very powerful Presence of Meditation that otherwise would be difficult to create.

The Mantra Transmission Circle is the most powerful meditation method that I know. This method represents the very essence of friends helping each other to find liberation.